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New Case Study Collection Explores Impact of Real Time SPC Software

So what do fire hydrants and Real Time SPC Software have in common?

Recently I sat down with a client to talk about how deploying GainSeeker Real Time SPC Software has benefited his company.

Joseph Benford (everyone calls him “Buddy”) is the Corporate Quality Manager for Mueller Co. Mueller is a 160 year-old manufacturing company that started in central Illinois. They manufacture water distribution products, including fire hydrants and a variety of valves and gates, with a number of facilities across North America.

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Tech Tip: Is the Big Data Widget in your life?

The SPC Variation Wizard and the DMS Drill-down Wizard take time and guesswork out of your day as it helps you find the sources (root causes) of variation in your processes.

The Big Data Widget (yes, there is one for both SPC and DMS.) is your Variation Wizard / Drill-down Wizard on steroids. This control analyzes all your Standards having data during a given time period. Not just one Standard at a time, but all of them!!

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Standardized SPC Software Supports Drive to Supply Chain Manufacturing Excellence

A recent example of an increased drive for standardized SPC software across the supply chain comes from Consolidated Container Company’s (CCC) deployment of GainSeeker Suite. Up until recently, GainSeeker Suite was one of several SPC software solutions in use across CCC’s 59 plants in North America. Some months back, the company decided to standardize on a single quality system. After an exhaustive process, they selected GainSeeker Suite as their standard platform for quality data. Find out how it’s going.

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Tech Tip: The Drill-Down Wizard for Defects

Last month I highlighted the SPC Variation Wizard in the GainSeeker Charts module. GainSeeker’s Defect Management System (DMS) incorporates a wizard as well. Welcome to the Drill-Down Wizard for defect data!

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Eight Tips for Implementing Defect Management

Defect Management is one of the most effective methods for improving manufacturing operations because it is so simple. Everyone understands the idea of defects, and the statistics are simple and intuitive. People understand a Pareto Chart at a glance.

But implementing a Defect Management System takes thoughtful planning. Here are a few key ideas we’ve learned over the years.

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Tech Tip: The Variation Wizard for SPC – The Untold Story

Unless one of our technicians provided training to you and your staff, it is very possible you are unaware of the GainSeeker Variation Wizard. The Variation Wizard is just one of the many analysis tools incorporated into our GainSeeker Charts. The Variation Wizard finds the greatest source of variation within a few simple clicks of the mouse.

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Improved data visibility drives >70% waste reduction

Every business leader knows that company culture drives performance. You’ve probably heard the adage: “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” Leaders can set all the strategic goals they want, but their efforts stumble if the goals run counter to the company culture.

So how do you change culture?

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Tech Tip: Sneak Peek into 8.7 Dashboards

I usually wait until a new version is out to give you the scoop on new and innovated features; however, I just received training in our next release of GainSeeker and I am so excited I have to tell you now! Version 8.7 Dashboards will introduce a new property in our Date/Time feature that I know many of our customers will appreciate! So, while you read this, I hope the excitement and enthusiasm builds!

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Behind Rave Reviews of GainSeeker Suite SPC Software

We’ve earned a solid Five Star rating on Capterra, the independent software review site. We’re pretty proud of that.

One of the reasons for this success is a decision we made several years ago: we do not pay sales commissions. For most business leaders, getting rid of sales commissions sounds like business suicide. I think it is one of the keys to our success.

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