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Using real-time manufacturing intelligence to increase sales and flexibility

How does real-time manufacturing intelligence help? A new case study describes how PLZ Aeroscience implemented GainSeeker Suite, resulting in reduced material costs, higher production numbers, reduced inventory and raw material costs, increased revenue, and several other benefits.

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(Tech Tip) Why is my CPK not the same as “The Other” software?

If you are in the manufacturing world, measuring process capability ( Cpk ) is extremely important. That’s because you’re always striving to improve your numbers. It is no wonder people are very curious as to how their Cpk gets calculated in GainSeeker. If GainSeeker’s Cpk does not match someone else’s calculation of Cpk… we (the technicians) get a call. Believe it or not the technicians at Hertzler Systems receive this question quite a bit. So, why does this happen?

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“Systems of Insight” replacing “Big Data?”

While I’m naturally inclined to skepticism about the latest buzzword trend, “Systems of Insight” resonates with me. It matches what I see our customers doing with GainSeeker Suite, and the value they’re striving to get from working with us. Clearly GainSeeker Suite, as a Manufacturing Intelligence Platform, is aligned with this vision of a System of Insight. Whether we’re talking about turning field failures into supply chain leadership, or reducing product giveaway, or knowing where stuff is, or improving manufacturing performance, or any other application of real-time actionable intelligence, the ability to gain insight from data and make better, faster decisions is critical. GainSeeker delivers.

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Beyond the hype and the critique – making OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) more effective

The OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) metric has fallen in and out of favor in manufacturing circles over recent years. Beyond the poles of hype and critique, is it possible to navigate a third, thoughtful path that uses the OEE metric to drive business transformation?

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New AIAG report highlights importance of analytics to identify root causes…

A new report by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) has flagged analytics to identify root causes as one of the critical recommendations in their Quality2020 Survey. The new report is available free from the AIAG website. It looks at data from across the automotive supply chain.

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Actionable intelligence is key to dealing with NKWSI

In many assembly and fabrication businesses, one of the biggest challenges I’ve encountered is folks simply Not Knowing Where Stuff Is (NKWSI). They lack timely actionable intelligence about their business operations. This is especially problematic when the product is complex, takes multiple shifts to complete, and involves a lot of people.

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Reducing product giveaway – The Packer’s Dilemma

“We were able to reduce the variation in the amount of product put into bottles across a 16-head machine. By bringing all the heads in alignment, we reduced average overpack by two grams. Two grams of our product means absolutely nothing to the consumer. But because of the volumes we run through here, we saved an enormous amount of money, and it all fell directly to the bottom line.”

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Tripping over data…

Announcing the release of my new eBook “Tripping Over Data – How too much data and not enough actionable intelligence can torpedo your business.”

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Turning field failures into supply chain leadership

A recent report by Gartner notes that although quality receives strong endorsement and support from executive sponsors:

“Only 22% of the respondents in a 2015 Gartner study on quality in the supply chain claim quality as an integrated function of their supply chains, and even fewer report is as a discipline. It’s no wonder that over half of the high-profile quality failures of the past decade, ranging from flawed product launches, customer and patient safety incidents, and product recalls, are rooted in the extended value chain.”

So how do you go about integrating quality across your supply chain?

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Big data widget and maximizing Manufacturing Big Data

If you’re struggling to make sense of manufacturing big data, you’re not alone. According to research published last year by The Economist, only 42% of manufacturers have what they consider to be a well-defined data-management strategy. Even more striking, 86% report problems in managing the data they are now generating.

According to David Line, Managing Editor, Economist Intelligence Unit, “Manufacturing has been at the forefront of data collection and its importance to quality and cost control is well recognised. But collecting too much data, or failing to analyse what you collect, can be counterproductive.”

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