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Tech Tip: Database Maintenance and GainSeeker Suite

Are you the IT person who cringes when your database starts slowing down and someone says, “This is dog-slow! Why is this taking so long?”

Maintenance on your database server is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. The good news is that once you set up a routine maintenance program for GainSeeker Suite, it does not have to be THAT bad. If this is something that you just do not have time to do – well, that is okay too. We can help.

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Free Buyer’s Guide Brings Discipline to Real-Time SPC Software Selection

Clients often ask what they should look for in real-time SPC software. For many of our clients, automating their current manual processes, or replacing an existing, inadequate system is something they’ll do once or twice in their entire career.

On the other hand, we live, sleep, eat, and breathe real-time data collection and analytics software. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we have a lot of experience in a lot of industries. So we’re happy to share our expertise. One way we thought we could help is to develop our Real-Time SPC Software Buyer’s Guide.

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Tech Tip: RS232 and Device profiles in Inspection Editor!!!

One of GainSeeker’s best features is reading data from RS232 devices. I hope our current customers utilize this feature. If you have RS232 gauges, but not connected to GainSeeker, you are missing out on being more productive!!! Why make the operators type in the same data the gauges are displaying when we can program to read the data right from the device?!

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Connecting Manufacturing Big Data to Business Strategy

Big Data is already here. Gages, devices, and innumerable sensors produce mountains of data. This equipment is connected by USB ports and various communication protocols in vast networks of operational data. Chances are you are buried under manufacturing big data.

OAK is a free tool from Hertzler Systems. It asks the right questions to help you and your team uncover the critical connections between business drivers, strategic outcomes, actions, decisions, and data. One customer said, “The OAK worksheet prompts all the right questions. Fits very well connecting top to bottom. This was a good exercise.”

Download a free copy of OAK today.

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Tech Tip: Desktop Slideshow now with version 8.5!

Now, with a Desktop opened, you can click on Desktop->Slideshow at the top of the Charts Module and start a slideshow of all the charts in your Desktop! There are options for transition effects between the charts. The options let you control how long to keep each chart up before going to the next one in the list, etc.

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Case Study Highlights Top Three Reasons Clients Choose GainSeeker Suite SPC Software

A new case study highlights how a corporate quality manager helped create a more flexible supply chain, The story describes the top three reasons clients choose GainSeeker Suite SPC Software, from two perspectives: the CIO and the Senior Quality Manager.

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Tech Tip: It’s in the Audit Trail…

The Audit Trail has been a part of GainSeeker since the early versions of GainSeeker. This useful module hardly gets noticed. When I train on the System Administration module / Utility module I make sure to focus on this little hidden gem! The Audit Trail makes it easy to see who changed the Specification Limits of a Standard, or who edited or deleted data.

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Using Real-Time Data to Reduce Overpack

A new case study highlights how a national, multiplant foods company used real-time data to reduce overpack. The effort resulted in a multimillion dollar savings. One striking aspect of this story is the level of frustration our client felt with the way things worked before implementing GainSeeker. Because he was working with old, outdated information, he was stuck with a rear-view mirror perspective. This is something many of our clients have in common: having to make decisions with inadequate knowledge.

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Tech Tip: Defect Tracking – Data Entry vs. PC Collect

Tech Tip explores defect tracking options for GainSeeker Suite. Compare legacy versus new PC Collect technology to see improvements and benefits of new approach.

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Using real-time manufacturing intelligence to increase sales and flexibility

How does real-time manufacturing intelligence help? A new case study describes how PLZ Aeroscience implemented GainSeeker Suite, resulting in reduced material costs, higher production numbers, reduced inventory and raw material costs, increased revenue, and several other benefits.

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