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Quick turnaround on Microridge gage connection…

The tricky part was something we just take for granted: reading data from two gages coming into one Microridge box. Evidently we were the first vendor who could distinguish between them and assign the values to the right features.

Knowing the flexibility of GainSeeker Suite, I had no doubt that we could meet his requirements. I visited the plant last Thursday, and our deployment tech was on-site first thing this morning (the following Tuesday). By mid-afternoon today we had a working prototype up and running.

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GainSeeker Kaizen – Leadership for a great launch (Part 2 of 2)

If you’ve done your prep work for your SPC Software launch, you can enter the white water of the launch with a steady hand and clear eye on your goal. But your work isn’t done. Here are five more practices that will help you successfully navigate the actual deployment cycle.

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GainSeeker Kaizen – Leadership for a great launch (Part 1 of 2)

Over the years, we’ve seen customers achieve incredible success with GainSeeker Suite SPC Software. GainSeeker adds thousands – sometimes millions – of dollars to their bottom line. In the process, GainSeeker empowers a cultural transformation to a data driven organization. These successes aren’t accidental, and they’re not guaranteed. They’re the result of good planning and execution, and great leadership.

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Three big issues with Big Data in manufacturing

There is no shortage of data in modern manufacturing companies. The problem is that much of this data is stuck in special purpose silos.

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Data driven with easy “Big Data”…

I’m hearing this complaint a lot recently: “We have all this data stuck out there in all of these systems, and we can’t get to it in a timely manner. Sometimes days or weeks go by before we see it. It is so cumbersome to extract, and we’re operating so lean that we just can’t sustain this effort. We need to free these people up to do more value-added work. It’s killing us.”

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Striving for excellence across the supply chain…

A large machining company, a longtime GainSeeker user, wasn’t at all surprised to learn that one of their top-notch suppliers has been using GainSeeker too. See how GainSeeker benefits the supply chain.

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New video introducing GainSeeker® Suite SPC Software…

We have a new video introducing GainSeeker Suite. Get a very high level overview in just a few minutes.

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Good fences – setting boundaries around your SPC software deployment …

Any time you launch a corporate initiative as important as an enterprise SPC software deployment, you need objectives and a project charter. In today’s business environment, when most organizations are understaffed and stretched too thin, failure to put a fence around a project is a recipe for disaster.

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New release adds new OEE, scrap costing features…

The most important new features are improved support of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) charting and analysis. We’ve had customers using GainSeeker for OEE for several years, but they’ve done it with just the built in features of GainSeeker Suite SPC and Defect Management. The new charts use some innovative techniques to store all OEE data in one place, and then give the user the ability to build some really powerful OEE charts.

These new techniques for managing OEE data make building OEE dashboards much easier, and put a world of options at user’s fingertips.

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Whatcha See – Soccer and an SPC Software Trial …

You should have multiple people in a variety of roles using data from your SPC software trial deployment. Each person may have very different needs, and in keeping with Covey, you should “Begin with the end in mind.” A good place to start is to identify all of your teammates – that is the stakeholders for your deployment.

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