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GainSeeker® Suite Version 8.5.2

(Release Date: April 1, 2016)

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GS Analyze: The new face of Mobile GainSeeker Analysis

Meet GS Analyze – a browser-based analysis tool that performs many functions of the GainSeeker Charts module securely over the Internet or your company intranet.

Because it is browser-based, no GainSeeker installation is required on the client computers. Simply install GS Analyze on a web server with Internet Information Services (IIS) and access it from any device with a web browser. GS Analyze lets you share charts, analytics, and dashboards with suppliers, customers, or colleagues over the Internet.

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Planned Inspections for PC Collect and the GS Collect Mobile App

New Planned Inspections shorten your setup time when you have many similar parts and/or processes. They also make it simpler to deploy changes to an Inspection across similar parts and processes.

A Planned Inspection lets you choose an existing Inspection but specify different standards, processes, traceability values, and documents. So instead of creating and publishing multiple Inspections that are almost identical, you create one Inspection for the first part and process and use it as the basis for creating and publishing multiple Planned Inspections.

Your users will run Planned Inspections in the same PC Collect module and/or GS Collect mobile app that you currently use for Inspection data entry.

OPC for PC Collect

The PC Collect module can now interface with OPC servers:

  • You can use the new OPC Action to generate a Python script for basic communication with an OPC Classic or OPC DA server.
  • New Python OPC commands let you communicate with an OPC UA server. You can also use these commands to further customize your communication with an OPC Classic or OPC DA server.

Device Profiles simplify RS-232 setup for PC Collect

New Device Profiles for Numeric Input tests let you configure a PC Collect Inspection for RS-232 data entry without needing to write Python code.

Display a Slideshow of charts and dashboards

You can display a Slideshow of charts and dashboards in full-screen mode on any monitor.

If you have GainSeeker Server Edition, you can also publish the Slideshow to HTML files. This allows an unlimited number of users to access these files, without requiring additional GainSeeker seats.

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