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GainSeeker® Suite Service Pack Version 8.4.2

(Release Date: June 17, 2015)

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GainSeeker Suite Service Pack Version 8.4.2 contains a few minor enhancements and fixes.

Hertzler Systems' GS Collect App for data collection on mobile devices, such as iPads, translates to other languages, such as Spanish as shown here, in addition to English.

Hertzler Systems’ GS Collect App for data collection using mobiles devices such as iPads, translates to other languages in addition to English. Here, it is shown in Spanish.

GainSeeker’s mobile data collection app removes language barriers

The GS Collect App can now be translated into languages in addition to English. French and Spanish languages are currently supported with more expected to be added over time.

Language support helps ensure that everyone is speaking the same language about quality throughout the enterprise, regardless of location or culture.  The GS Collect App runs customized data collection processes on iOS devices such as iPads.

If you have facilities where data entry operators and quality professionals speak languages other than or in addition to English, you’ll want to check this out.

GainSeeker Suite Service Pack 8.4.1

(Release Date: April 24, 2015)

More power over the data collection process is now in your hands


Use Python scripting in the GainSeeker Suite platform to create an inspection process that is maximized to meet the needs or your organization.

New capabilities in SP 8.4.1 enhance the recently released Inspection Editor and PC Collect modules. These modules provide a visual design environment that makes it easy for you to build customized data collection and inspection processes. Now, we’ve made it easier to design them to fit your unique needs.

PC Collect integrates with other systems, devices, and files

PC Collect can now be integrated with other systems, devices, and files. You can now better optimize the actions and behavior of the inspection. Putting these capabilities in your hands lowers the cost of ownership and creates greater efficiency and accuracy in the inspection creation and data collection process.

These new capabilities are implemented with Python, a widely taught and easy to use scripting language. Using this common scripting language, you can now optimize your own collection scenarios. You can also tap in to Hertzler’s library of device, file, and data systems integration techniques. Hertzler’s technical staff is also available to support customization efforts.

GainSeeker Suite Service Pack Version 8.4.1 contains other enhancements and fixes too.

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GainSeeker Suite Version 8.4

(Release Date: February 3, 2015)

PC Collect in the GainSeeker platform, is a completely new application for collecting data using a PC.

PC Collect in the GainSeeker platform, is a completely new application for collecting data using a PC.

PC Collect Inspections

PC Collect is GainSeeker’s completely new application for collecting inspection data using a PC. It runs inspections you can create yourself using GainSeeker’s Inspection Editor (no programming experience required). Many features that formerly required writing templates have been integrated into the inspection creation process.

  • Bright, new easy-to-read and follow screens that minimize training time and entry errors
  • Clear, quick-recognition prompts, like color-coded inspection status buttons, guide the operator through the inspection process
  • Touchscreen capability
  • Runs PC Collect inspections you create with the Inspection Editor (without templates)
  • Uses the same inspections you can also run on mobile devices using GainSeeker’s GS Collect App

Big Data Analytics dashboards

Big Data dms dashboard

GainSeeker’s Big Data widgets quickly analyze vast amounts of data and instantly spotlight areas on which to focus. They are equally effective with smaller data retrievals.

Take a proactive stance to Big Data.

These Big Data widgets quickly analyze vast amounts of data and instantly spotlight areas on which to focus. It is equally effective with smaller data retrievals.

  • SPC and defect management capabilities
  • Frees up your brain power for other tasks
  • Spot challenges and successes at a glance
  • Click on specific data and instantly draw a chart
  • Drill-down on defects—right from the dashboard
  • Easy to set up. Easy to use

Active integration smallerActive Directory integration with GainSeeker

Now you can allow your users to gain access to GainSeeker with their Active Directory credentials.

  • Reduces ownership costs by eliminating duplicate effort
  • Outsource user management to IT
  • Centralized security reduces risks

Python™ and GainSeeker

Python, the new scripting platform in GainSeeker, can greatly increase your ability to respond to changing data needs. This enables a new generation of integration capabilities with existing manufacturing infrastructure such as ERP systems, databases, and other networked infrastructure.


Explore the use of Python with GainSeeker. It’s easy to learn. Currently only used in the GainSeeker Charts and GainSeeker Administration modules, look for its expansion in future GainSeeker releases.

 Python™ Designer dashboard

Roll up and visualize the information that is vital to your organization. This gives you more time to focus on other critical issues. The flexibility of the Python dashboard lets you quickly pivot to face new challenges armed with the data you need. GainSeeker includes an expanding library of designs you can customize to your needs.google chart Py

  • Generate custom charts and reports
  • Create custom summaries of your key metrics
  • Automate data collection from a variety of sources
Six dial gage and six bar gage dashboard control skins are just a few of the flexible options in GainSeeker dashboarding.

You can create a custom statistic using Python in GainSeeker and then instantly apply the stat to a Dial Gauge.

Customize statistics with Python

Now you can create your own statistics and instantly put them to use in your GainSeeker dashboards and charts. Or get ready-made statistics in the Python Statistics Library that you can modify to your needs.

OEE secondary grouping and enhancements


This GainSeeker platform OEE chart groups data for operators by week.

Get to the bottom of OEE data with second-level OEE data grouping. The results display on bar charts that help you easily spot problem areas and successes.

Display only the top or lowest OEE values on charts

If you track multiple machines, displaying only the lowest or best 10 values of the group can help you quickly identify and sum up where to take action. Use it to track anything. Quicker response time saves you money.

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Highlights of Earlier GainSeeker releases

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