Latest Product Releases

GainSeeker® Suite Version 8.6

(Release Date: September 27, 2016)

Expanded data fields

If you have ever struggled to shorten crucial information to fit GainSeeker’s field length limits, then you’ll be glad to hear about our new options for expanded data fields!

You can now define a maximum field length
of up to 240 characters
for the following fields:


Part Number (for SPC and DMS)


SPC Standard Variable


DMS Process


SPC Standard Description


Traceability (for SPC and DMS)

MariaDB database support

GainSeeker version 8.6 has been tested on MariaDB – a free, open-source database that can be used in place of the MySQL database. MariaDB is now supported as one of five GainSeeker database options available.

Reduced database size on Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and MariaDB

GainSeeker now creates all new tables with variable-length character (varchar) columns, instead of the fixed-length character (char) columns required by previous versions of GainSeeker, on Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and MariaDB. The resulting GainSeeker tables can be significantly smaller than their previous counterparts – particularly for the SPC and DMS auxiliary tables such as VDAT_AUX and DDAT_AUX.

If you are upgrading from a GainSeeker version prior to 8.6 and use one of these databases, you can reduce the size of your GainSeeker database by moving your data into these newer tables. This is purely optional, as GainSeeker continues to support the larger tables created by previous versions.

Integrated viewer for Images attached to Notes

When you view or edit a Note with an image attached, newer modules such as GainSeeker Charts, PC Collect, and GainSeeker Utility now display those images. You can double-click the smaller thumbnail image to open the linked file (or URL) in its default application on your computer.