Latest Product Releases

GainSeekerĀ® Suite Version 8.7

(Release Date: March 2, 2017)

Python Script Editor redesigned for ease of use

Working with Python is now more intuitive with the newly redesigned Python Script Editor.

The new Editor provides a code-centric interface for writing Python scripts.

It is backward-compatible, so you can run and edit your Action-based scripts from previous GainSeeker versions.

Improved performance for long lists of standards

Some GainSeeker modules have been modified to load a very long list of standards significantly faster than in previous versions – sometimes up to 20 times faster – particularly in newer modules such as GainSeeker Charts, GainSeeker Inspections, PC Collect, Dynamic Reports, and GainSeeker Utility.

Camera or webcam now supported for PC Collect data entry

PC Collect data entry now supports the use of an integrated or external camera or webcam for:

  • Scanning barcodes to enter Traceability values

  • Taking pictures for the sub-inspection

Dashboard can automatically launch action when next check is due

For the Date Time dashboard control, a new OverdueAction property lets you configure an action to be automatically triggered each time this Date Time control changes to the Overdue color.

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