Coaching fine tunes GainSeeker ® skills

Learn how to customize a dashboard, desktop, specific report, or other GainSeeker tools with a Hertzler coach guiding your efforts.


You’ll learn how to use GainSeeker SPC software tools in specific ways you decide so it exactly fits your needs and the way you or your team works.


A coach can work shoulder-to-shoulder with you at your site, ours, or wherever is convenient for you.
We can even coach you over the Internet or telephone and you’ll achieve great results.


Hertzler Coaching is another way to help you get the most from GainSeeker.
The more you know about it, the more you’ll get from it.

Two types of coaching

New GainSeeker software deployment

Delve deeper into special areas of interest. Maybe you have already worked through Hertzler Systems’ foundation training on GainSeeker. Now, you want to deepen your learning and implement a family of dashboards or desktops that are tailored to your specific application, for instance.


Our experienced coaches can personally guide your efforts in this or other important tasks.

After GainSeeker software deployment

Coaching is the perfect way to bring a new employee up to speed on the software or on using data for decision making. Free yourself from the need to hand-hold new employees on this important learning. Instead, use our coaches to fill gaps. You’ll strengthen and accelerate your people’s learning curve.

Learn more

We’ll match you or your employee with a trained, experienced coach who listens to your needs and designs a plan that is tailored to your exact requirements.

To learn more or discuss your needs, contact your Hertzler sales representative:

by email or call: 800-958-270