Get Ready. We’re going to help you turn your toughest challenges into opportunities for improvement.

Get benefits from your GainSeeker® SPC software even faster with Hertzler Consulting services. Benefits like added value. Quicker ROI. We’ll help you pinpoint the exact data you need to help you solve your biggest challenges.

Ensure that your deployment is successful while collapsing the cycle time. Consider Hertzler Consulting services your best ally in getting you and your team exactly where you need to be.

No surprises. No project “drag out.”

How? For one, we’re formal about setting expectations and making promises. That means we won’t surprise you with cost overruns or projects that drag out and never seem to end. The key to our mutual success is our discipline and adherence to a project that is tailored to you, not the other way around.

For another, we know how to manage projects. We use that knowledge to give you the best consulting services you can find anywhere. Period.

Here’s the procedure:

1.  Most jobs start with a Requirements Document.

This is usually a short document that concisely states the key issues that you have identified in our conversations.

2.  Once we work out any fine details relating to those issues, Hertzler develops a Statement of Work.

In clear language, the Statement of Work states exactly what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you.  The process includes sign-offs for approval of the document and for completion of the project.

3.  Possibly the most important discipline is our formal change control process. It sounds serious, but it’s all about remaining flexible. Why? Because flexibility means everything in business today.

Change Control provides us with a mutually beneficial process for prioritizing and managing the impact of those changes. (It is also one of the most important tools to avoiding “Scope Creep.” That’s a project management term sometimes used to indicate that a project is moving beyond or outside of its original scope.) 

    Data suited to your organization. That only makes sense.

    Hertzler’s consultants work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to ensure a successful deployment of  GainSeeker® software in ways that fit your organization, not the other way around.

    We’ve dealt with nearly every situation in nearly every type of industry imaginable. Here’s a few typical projects we’ve completed working alongside our clients:

    • Created tight integration between GainSeeker® Suite and a Manufacturing Information System to eliminate duplicate data entry and to reduce errors in data collection
    • Built custom interfaces between GainSeeker® and specific shopfloor measurement equipment
    • Linked to and extracted data from a call center system to capture and monitor call close-cycle times
    • Designed and implemented a data entry process for an inspection bench with multiple devices and inspectors
    • Collected data from gages, PLCs, CMMs, LVDTs, video inspection equipment, weigh scales, data log files, and several other devices
    • Developed custom reports and desktops for internal and external customers

    Ready to let us help you turn your toughest challenges into opportunities?

    There’s no commitment involved in learning more about our consulting services.

    Just contact Hertzler Sales to discuss all of your needs and options.

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