GainSeeker® Version 8.7 is available.

(Release date: March 2, 2017)

Now is the perfect time to schedule your GainSeeker Software Tune-Up. Would you like to turn data into manufacturing intelligence you can use?

Peak productivity and performance result from real-time data software systems that are well maintained and optimized for your unique requirements. Schedule or learn more about a GainSeeker Suite software tune-up.

“The tune-up was not difficult to justify. We needed to make the change, and it was a real time saver.”

– Corporate Quality Manager for a major consumer products packaging company.
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How it works in 3 Easy Steps:


  • Short telephone interview

  • Identify goals

  • Plan our visit


  • Upgrade to latest version

  • Archive old data and set up archiving systems

  • Conduct database maintenance


  • Align capabilities with your unique needs

  • Turn on underutilizing features

  • Measure the results

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