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Preventing bad quality before it occurs in the Plastics industry costs less than regrinding or reworking product, or losing customers from not meeting their lead times with quality products.

“Over the years I’ve had many conversations with people who own or run plastics molding companies. Persistently I’ve heard them say: ‘We don’t worry too much about scrap because we can always regrind it. It’s not waste.’ I’ve always found myself stuttering in response to that.”
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In Plastics, regrind and rework don’t have to be the normal cost of doing business.

All to often in the plastics industry regrind and rework are accepted as the normal cost of doing business. The annual cost of regrind may be costing you more than you know.

See for yourself. Download the Cost of Regrind spreadsheet and plug in your numbers.

regrind worksheet image

Download the Cost of Regrind spreadsheet and plug in your numbers to see how much regrind is actually costing you on an annual basis. (You’ll need Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.)

GainSeeker® Suite’s real-time data acquisition and analytics capabilities help you preempt quality problems, eliminate regrind and rework, and increase throughput. 

Get on the road to consistency and improved yields.

With data integration to gages, sensors, machine controllers, and production monitoring systems, GainSeeker® Suite makes it easy to collect data from any source, and analyze that data in real-time. Armed with this knowledge, plastics manufactures can uncover the true cost of poor quality and get on the road to consistency and improved yields.

Read the case studies below, or request a demo and see what GainSeeker® Suite can do for you.

GainSeeker® Suite: Easy – Done

“GainSeeker is a great fit. It seamlessly installs and integrates to existing systems. I was able to install it myself without involving IT. Hertzler Systems and GainSeeker Suite made it easy.”

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GainSeeker® automates CMM data, reduces collection time 81%

GainSeeker enables automatic data extraction and critical inspection data analysis directly from the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). New data is automatically evaluated for stability, and key people are notified about out-of-control situations.

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