Additional details for GainSeeker version 9.4 new features

This page is used for additional details on the new features and general improvements in GainSeeker version 9.4.


Installation / Database

  • Because the latest version of the MySQL database that worked consistently with GainSeeker is no longer supported, Hertzler Systems no longer recommends MySQL as one of the database options for new deployments of GainSeeker, and MySQL components are no longer included with GainSeeker installation media.
    • Existing MySQL deployments are still supported.
    • For a new GainSeeker deployment on a free database, Hertzler recommends Microsoft SQL Server Express.
  • Oracle database drivers for ODBC connectivity are no longer installed by the GainSeeker client or included with GainSeeker installation media. These ODBC drivers are only used by legacy modules such as SPC Data Entry, DMS Data Entry, SPC Charts and Reports, DMS Charts and Reports, SPC Database Monitor, Enterprise Dashboard, etc.
    • A new GainSeeker deployment on Oracle without these ODBC drivers will use the modern GainSeeker modules such as PC Collect and GS Charts that replace their legacy counterparts.
    • An existing GainSeeker deployment on Oracle will still recognize previously-installed ODBC drivers on all existing GainSeeker workstations. For a new workstation that must run legacy modules, install a previous version of the GainSeeker client and then upgrade that workstation to the latest version of GainSeeker.



  • For new GainSeeker clients, the LaunchPad module now hides Legacy GainSeeker modules by default.
    LaunchPad module
    Existing GainSeeker clients are not affected by this change.
    All GainSeeker clients can still customize the LaunchPad to show or hide the desired GainSeeker modules.


Multiple Modules

  • The Traceability Labels and Lists window now includes an Import button that lets you import a list of traceability values from one column of a csv file. (Additional details now available.)
  • For the GainSeeker Charts and PC Collect modules, MINITAB 19 is required for sending information to MINITAB via COM. All other methods for using MINITAB with GainSeeker are still compatible with MINITAB version 15 or higher. It is no longer possible to configure your GainSeeker workstation for a specific version of MINITAB. The reason for these changes is that MINITAB versions 19 and higher no longer provide backward-compatibility to previous MINITAB versions, and when GainSeeker 9.3 was made compatible with MINITAB 19, it lost the ability to send information via COM for previous MINITAB versions.
  • When sending email from GainSeeker, you can now include Cc and Bcc addresses. This has also been added to the python email.display() and email.send() commands.


GainSeeker Inspections

  • When assigning users to an inspection, a new Fill from button copies user assignments from another inspection that you select. This is useful when inspections are assigned to large groups of users. (Additional details now available.)
  • When debugging a Device Profile, you can now close the debugger at any time without running through the entire script. (In previous versions, the Close button was unavailable until script execution had finished.)
  • Following the recent recommendation for iPad data entry – to run PC Collect on a Remote Desktop Client app instead of using the GS Collect app – the Properties window has changed how properties are divided into categories, with any Mobile-only (Legacy) categories automatically collapsed. When designing inspections for the legacy GS Collect app, a new Inspection Editor setting lets you automatically expand these mobile categories.


PC Collect

  • PC Collect has improved the way that errors are displayed when a Device Profile cannot open the serial port.
  • While entering data on a test, the corresponding control on the Data Canvas will be surrounded by a highlight color. You can specify a different Data canvas highlight color for the configuration in the System Administration module.




GainSeeker Charts

  • Exporting and importing dashboards now includes any Chart Skins that are applied to controls on that dashboard.
  • When designing dashboards, the Chart control and the Data Table control can now display SPC multi-retrieval charts and tables like Multiple Charts, Process Capability, and Monitor Table, and SPC retrievals can now be configured for multiple standards, filters, and/or date periods. (Additional details now available.)
  • When designing dashboards, the Defect Trend Wizard dashboard control has three new properties – ShowTrendColorsTrendIncreasingColor, and TrendDecreasingColor – that allow you to dynamically color each row to indicate whether that defect count is trending up, trending down, or staying the same.
    Defect Trend Wizard


Dynamic Reports 2

  • Updates to this module have improved several performance and memory management tasks.