Visibility to real-time metrics drives performance

Did you know that manufacturers with visibility to real-time metrics in manufacturing have a higher average OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) than those who don’t?

According to the LNS Research Report: “Big Data – Driving Quality Intelligence at the Speed of Manufacturing”, the difference is significant: 5 percentage points higher. You can request your copy of this reporthere.

Developing a high performance culture

I’m amazed by the number of organizations that still lack both the infrastructure and the ingrained, organizational core competency of turning knowledge into action. Why aren’t all organizations Excellence Addicts? Why are so many companies still stuck on the left side of the matrix?

So the important question is how do we create a culture that has high measurement maturity? This may be one of the most important questions facing manufacturing today because according to Hofman’s report, “Companies with higher levels of measurement maturity have better overall performance.”

Best deployment practices for project management

Recently we deployed a pilot project for collecting quality check data for a new customer. The pilot is on one line only, but because it involves multiple people, training, custom configurations, and so forth, the detailed deployment plan required a number of steps. The customer’s Project Manager for the deployment embodies great project management. He put together a superb plan, and drove it all from a simple spreadsheet. Our project manager, Craig Glick Miller, liked his spreadsheet so much that he made a generic version of it and, with our customer’s permission, we offer it here for your review and use.

Present data in PowerPoint: 14-second video shows how

In only seconds, GainSeeker Suite’s powerful integration with Microsoft PowerPoint lets you create a PowerPoint presentation featuring your GainSeeker charts, dashboards, and desktops. Check out this 14-second video that shows you how in only 3 steps.

If you’re using GainSeeker version 8.2 or later, you already have this feature, so why not give it a try? (Just think how handy this will be the next time you’re asked to give a presentation on data.)

Automated data wrangling for easy analytics

He needed a Data Wrangler, or Data Janitor, to help him build the bridge between all the data he was collecting in his MES system and the insights he hoped to gain from that data. “I had one of my engineers build some macros in Excel that go into our MES system and extract the data to an Excel workbook. Once it is there, he has to spend hours scrubbing the data before he can do any useful analysis.”

He went on to say, “It might be ok for an occasional study, but we need to be looking at this data throughout the day, every day. This manual process is just not sustainable.”

My customer was pointing out the obvious: wrangling data is not a value added activity. Not only that, it isn’t sustainable for daily operations.

First encounters with the IoT…

The age of the IoT (Internet of Things) is upon us. New devices and equipment are coming on line all the time, and it can be a little overwhelming. It all contributes to the feeling that there are too many disparate data sources out there. But the IoT has been coming for a while. This post shares our first experience of it.