When “data” becomes a four-letter word…

There is a lot of evidence that real-time closed loop quality data systems help manufacturers perform at higher levels. But many manufacturers are struggling. They’re struggling because they have too much or too little data, or it takes way to much effort to get to their data, or they only get to the data too late to make any difference , or…

3 steps to driving performance with Big Data

Once you’ve eliminated redundant and irrelevant testing, you can concentrate on breaking down the data silos so you can make better use of the data that matters. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen these data silos in action. Data silos hide critical information and make it very difficult to make meaningful performance improvements.

5 Ways Big Data will Impact Quality Management

What is lost in a lot of the buzz surrounding the shake up concerning Big Data is the practical advice we need to know to understand how it will directly impact the way we manage quality. This LNS Research paper identifies 5 critical impacts, and how point-solution SPC software such as GainSeeker Suite can help us wade through it.

Six Reasons to Leave Excel Behind for Quality Analytics

Further, in the quality management arena, people are talking about Big Data—especially with more focus on finding correlations in real-time performance data. Many of today’s quality analytics solutions are designed to support the use of Big Data analytics, so manufacturers can cultivate and analyze massive amounts real-time data generated by SPC and other quality process data sources.

Quick turnaround on MicroRidge MobileCollect Wireless gage connection…

The tricky part was something we just take for granted: reading data from two gages coming into one Microridge MobileCollect Wireless system. Evidently we were the first vendor who could distinguish between them and assign the values to the right features.

Knowing the flexibility of GainSeeker Suite, I had no doubt that we could meet his requirements. I visited the plant last Thursday, and our deployment tech was on-site first thing this morning (the following Tuesday). By mid-afternoon today we had a working prototype up and running.