Creating a data-driven, fix-to-root-cause culture (Full version)

Why would a company invest in technology when most businesses were entrenching in 2008? All the indicators pointed one direction; Crown leadership chose another. Nonetheless, the first six months of using GainSeeker, they reported a 171% ROI, 98% of which was derived from increased throughput and improved first pass yield. The other 2% came from reduced costs in data collection. . . .

GainSeeker® Suite turns art into science at baking company (Short version)

Consolidated Biscuit Company (CBC), which produces and packages a combined 100 million cookies and snack products daily at one plant, found a safe method for reducing the amount of product they were giving away in their packaging processes. CBC realized substantial savings and a complete ROI on GainSeeker software, which helped to substantially reduce their overpack.