Walking the talk – Empowering people with data (Full version)

Walking the talk – Empowering people with data (Full version)

This article describes how the Six Sigma effort at Micropump and Hertzler Systems’ software solutions have come together to yield outstanding results. Micropump ‘Walks the Talk’ when it comes to providing data to drive decisions. Micropump, a unit of IDEX Corporation, is a leader in product innovation and also a leader in innovation in Operational Excellence.

GainSeeker® OPC solution boosts OEE from 65% to 75% (Full version)

“In a data driven society, automated data collection is a must,” says John Foley, Network Administrator for Engineering Systems, of Pollak-APD (Actuator Products Division) a Stoneridge, Inc company. “The quicker we get information in hand, the better-off we are.” With this idea in mind, Hertzler Systems recently added some major new functionality to GainSeeker® SPC: support for OPC (Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control).

Building a Six Sigma Measurement System in Financial Services

This case study looks at one company’s experience deploying and implementing a set of Six Sigma projects within the context of a robust data systems infrastructure – the establishment of which is a fundamental first step in developing an effective transactional Six Sigma initiative. With such an infrastructure in place, projects can proceed more rapidly and with greater success.

Social media and quality…

I ran across a thought-provoking post at Modern Servant Leader about how social media has shifted job responsibilities in the corporate world…. What does it mean to shift quality assurance from “par” to “peak?” Has the advent of social media shifted the focus of your quality system from “acceptable quality levels” to “peak performance?”