Tech Tip: Why is my CPK not the same as “The Other” software?

If you are in the manufacturing world, measuring process capability ( Cpk ) is extremely important. That’s because you’re always striving to improve your numbers. It is no wonder people are very curious as to how their Cpk gets calculated in GainSeeker. If GainSeeker’s Cpk does not match someone else’s calculation of Cpk… we (the technicians) get a call. Believe it or not the technicians at Hertzler Systems receive this question quite a bit. So, why does this happen?

Improving on time delivery and reducing inventory

We provide a system that captures data immediately across all aspects of the process so that visibility is improved and processes can be analyzed in more detail.

Using this approach, one industrial products client reported these results: 30% improvement in on-time delivery, >50% reduction in inventory, and Cycle time for improvement projects accelerated by over 10%.