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Enhanced OEE Kit Released [Instant Download]

This week we released our newest edition of the GainSeeker Platform Library – an enhanced OEE Kit. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a powerful tool for evaluating manufacturing performance.

The enhanced OEE Kit assembles knowledge and wisdom for deploying OEE in manufacturing. Moreover, it provides guidance for maximizing the value of OEE across the supply chain. Read this post to download the GainSeeker Platform Library enhanced OEE Kit.

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Tech Tips: Three Tips for GainSeeker Platform Library

Today I’m sharing three tips about how to get the most from our GainSeeker Platform Library. The GainSeeker Platform Library (aka GPL) is a collection of ideas, best practices, and tools for maximizing the value you can get from deploying GainSeeker. It is a repository of different use cases. We continually see GainSeeker implemented in new and innovative ways and want to share these ways with you.

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Tariffs and real-time data

So what does real-time data have to do with tariffs and trade wars? You and I can’t control or even predict the outcome of a trade war, but we can take positive steps to better manage what we can control. And that is going to give us more flexibility and capacity to respond creatively to whatever the future brings.

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Tech Tips: Using GainSeeker

Being in my role of Technical Project Manager, I discuss the needs and wants of our clients and help them figure out the best implementation method to continue forward. I would like to share some important things to think about. As a result, I talk about these topics all the time and I realize the fact that sometimes it is beneficial to do a “using GainSeeker status check”. How are you using GainSeeker? Let me help you.

Are you on the newest version of GainSeeker? You may be asking why is this important? We are using GainSeeker on and older version and are happy. Well, the Hertzler team continually listens to our customer’s feedback and requests to continually provide additional functionality into the GainSeeker software.

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New GainSeeker eLearning courses released

We’re very excited to release two new GainSeeker eLearning courses.

eLearning is a great way to empower more people in your company to use real-time data to make better decisions. The more people who are trained to use GainSeeker analytics tools, the more real-time actionable data will permeate the decision-making culture of your organization. This leads to better and faster data-driven decisions, which can drive improvements in both top line and bottom line business performance.

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Tech Tip: July Tech Tips Live – Moving from Templates to Inspections!

What topic for the next Tech Tips Live would be most beneficial and relevant to our customers? After considering a bunch of ideas, we decided to focus on helping our clients move from Templates to Inspections. And get this, Byron wants to convert a working template into an Inspection right before your eyes!

This will be really cool because it will give you a peek into how Byron solves problems. But even more important, it will help you on the path of moving from templates to inspections.

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New eBook for Overfill and Package Weight Control [Instant Download]

Recently we released a new eBook: Overfill and Package Weight Control. The new eBook outlines a proven approach to ensure compliance while minimizing product give-away.

Food manufacturers and packaging companies face difficult and competing challenges. On one hand, increasing and often volatile material costs squeeze profits. On the other hand, government regulations impose stiff penalties on any manufacturer who fails to meet its label claim. Additionally, manufacturer’s reputations suffer if they are perceived to short-change their customers. Fortunately, there are well established, time-tested methods that enable the manufacturer to scientifically optimize their business process to ensure compliance AND minimize product give-away. The Overfill and Package Weight Control Kit summarizes those methods and describes a process to reduce product give-away by the scientific management of product overfill.

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Tech Tip: Multiple Date Range option

Greetings! Today let’s talk about the Multiple Date Range feature inside GainSeeker. This little gem is super powerful. It makes looking at summary data across various time periods really easy. Want to see week over week capability for the last quarter for a key product? Piece of cake. How about day-by-day changes in the mean and spread of the process over the last two weeks? Easy.

The Multiple Date Range feature makes it so easy to see what is going on in your process, and makes decision-making faster and easier.

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New GPL Audit & Compliance Kit includes sample data set

We’re very excited to release our new GainSeeker Platform Library Audit & Compliance Kit. As we’ve shared in the past, the GainSeeker Platform Library (GPL) is a collection of ideas, best practices, and tools for maximizing the value users get from deploying GainSeeker Suite. The GPL Audit and Compliance Kit makes it easy to set up simple audit processes to ensure that routine work is performed accurately and on time.

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Tech Tip: GainSeeker Desktops enhanced

Greetings everyone!!  Let me shamelessly plug our next GainSeeker Tech Tips LIVE webinar.  It is April 19th and the topic is on our new and improved GainSeeker Desktops in version 8.9! (Link to register is at the bottom.) With this topic in mind, I thought to myself,...

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