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Improve your odds

Companies gamble in small ways every day. They gamble raw materials will arrive on time and will be what was ordered. They gamble customers will continue to buy products with a sustainable financial margin. Will employees be up to the task of running and if needed, adjusting production processes to maintain the quality customers require? We all roll the dice and the odds vary greatly, but in a business context, they all share a common feature, risk.

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Positioning to Win

Legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky famously said, “Skate where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” I picked this quote to describe our 2021 Strategic Plan for Hertzler Systems: a plan that lays out our strategies, actions, and tasks – with the goal of...

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Tech Tip: A Peek into System Administration

Whether or not you have access to the GainSeeker System Administration module, it is good to know what it can do, and how it is organized.  Experienced users can always benefit from little secrets you may not know about.  Those with access to this module, remember it...

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Tech Tip: More GainSeeker Tech Tips LIVE in 2019

We had such a great turnout in attendance and awesome feedback, the gang at Hertzler Systems said, "Yes, it would be a great idea to increase the amount of GainSeeker Tech Tips LIVE webinars we host in a year."  Last year we completed one every three months.  This...

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New Year – New Job

March 3 of 2019 will mark my 35th year of employment at Hertzler Systems. I like to joke that I started working at Hertzler when I was four years old! As I take over as CEO, I look back fondly on the various interactions I have had with customers as a programmer,...

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Announcing an important leadership transition at Hertzler Systems – Part 2

In last month’s post I announced my retirement at the end of the year, and shared some reflections on the history of our company and our industry.

Looking ahead, I’d like to share my perspective on three mega-trends that I predict will have far-reaching implications to our world in the coming decades: The manufacturing data tsunami, self-running factories, and resource constraints.

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Tech Tip: Dashboard Grid – Filtering on most recent data

I keep finding new features to use not only in the Dashboard module, but within the Dashboard Grid! One advantage of GainSeeker is the ability to visualize real-time data and easily see what is going on at a glance. The GainSeeker Dashboard can aid in your visual needs!! This enables your team to make better, more timely decisions to improve quality, profitability, and customer experience.

Last month, I demonstrated how to create a new Dashboard and showed you how to utilize the Summary option in the Dashboard Grid. This month, I am back in the Dashboard Grid, but using a new feature released in GainSeeker V9.1. This new column property is labeled “Limit to most recent.” For the data that passed the Date Period and Filter, this column will also filter the most recent data in this field.

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Announcing an important leadership transition at Hertzler Systems – Part 1

It is time to share some important news: I will be retiring from my role as President and CEO of Hertzler Systems at the end of this year! My business partner, Byron Shetler, will pick up the reins and guide the company in the coming years. In this post I share some personal memories of our founder, Paul Hertzler, and look back on some of the innovations that we’ve brought to the industry.

This transition has been in process for nearly two years. That long ramp has given the company plenty of time to prepare, and I’m really excited about where the company is positioned today, and where it might go in the future. We’ve never been stronger.

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