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Save time, avoid waste, and grow faster with GainSeeker’s realtime data visibility.

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GainSeeker© is an easy to implement SPC tool that lets manufacturers transform their data into actionable manufacturing intelligence.

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Move from time-consuming, inaccurate paper records…

to real-time, actionable insights available enterprise-wide.

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90% Reduction in Scrap

Implementing GainSeeker Suite in combination with a comprehensive staff development effort resulted in reducing Escaped Defects from 8% to Less Than 0.5%


Line Speed Boost 15%

The Senior Quality Manager at a major multi-plant food manufacturer used GainSeeker to bring regional plants operating 20% slower than others up to, and beyond, spec.

For this business, plant capacity acts as a governor on revenue, so an increase in line speed translates into increased plant capacity, and increased revenue.


2x Profits in Two Years

A multinational electronics company knew there were quality problems, but without clear data, competing departments pointed fingers at each other.

GainSeeker’s company-wide data visibility focused teams on concrete, solvable problems. They reduced the cost of production while increasing speed, quality and profit.

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From software review site Capterra

“Reliable, efficient, easy-to-use program with easy report generation. Has paid for itself many times over.”

Operations Manager, McCormick Foods

“Nothing we asked of Hertzler Support seemed like too much trouble.
Hertzler Support is simply the best.”

Jeremy Stanners

Test Data Acquisition Engineer, Hella New Zealand Ltd.

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