Download OEE Kit Sample Data Set

> Download OEE Kit


Installing the OEE Kit

  1. Click on the Download OEE Kit link (above) to download the file to your computer.
  2. Open this file and run OEEKit.Exe.
  3. Log in as a GainSeeker user with access to the Administration module (such as “SPC Manager”). This will display the GainSeeker Platform Library Kit Installation form:
  4. Click Install Kit to complete the installation. You will get a message when the kit is successfully installed.
  5. Once the installation finishes, a script will automatically start to generate a data set. Click Yes on the prompt below and then Yes to confirm. 
  6. Now you can run PC Collect to manually enter data or open GS Charts to begin exploring charting options.

Follow this link for more information about Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).