Frequently Asked Questions About GainSeeker SPC Software


Q: What does GainSeeker software include?

A:   The GainSeeker platform helps you fine-tune and improve your processes and protect your brand. You’ll have all the application tools you’ll need to connect, collect, analyze, and visualize data like never before—all in a single software platform.

Q: Does GainSeeker feature a concurrent software license?

A:   Yes. The license is based on x number of users that can be simultaneously logged into the software. “x” is the number of GainSeeker seats that your company purchases, which is usually not as large as the number of people in your company who will use it.

For example, if your company purchases ten GainSeeker seats, up to ten users can be logged into GainSeeker at the same time. Your company may assign GainSeeker logins to 50, 100, or any number of people, but only ten of them will be able to access GainSeeker at any given time.

An eleventh would-be user will have to wait his or her turn until someone else logs out of GainSeeker. (However, your software administrator can always reserve seats for specific individuals, such as operators entering data.)

Q: Is there an annual license renewal fee?

A:   No. When you purchase GainSeeker Suite, you’re actually purchasing a perpetual license to use the software. You will not be charged to renew that license every year. This is a good question to ask before partnering with any software provid

ROI? Often within months or weeks

GainSeeker® Suite SPC software customers regularly experience a return on investment in months or even weeks. This often allows for the expansion of quality efforts to other manufacturing lines or plants.

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Q: Do you offer maintenance support for GainSeeker software?

A:   Yes. Hertzler Systems offers unsurpassed software support for its GainSeeker products. HertzlerNet support is available as an optional one or two-year support contract. Hertzler is all about partnering with you to help you get the most from those products. Hertzler support, training, and consulting services are some of the best ways to do this

Q: Our machine operators and techs need to better understand data. Do you offer training geared to these positions?

A:   Yes. Training is proven to be one of the best ways of ensuring that you get the most value and quickest return on your GainSeeker investment. We offer basic-to-advanced role-based  training for machine operators and on up at your site. Training costs are in addition to your GainSeeker software licensing purchase. We can help you determine which individuals in your organization would most benefit from training

Q: Can I get a few of my colleagues together for a free demonstration of the software?

A:   Sure. We offer a free, no-obligation demonstration of our software via webcast. It’s a great place to start. Learn more

Q: Does Hertzler offer an SPC Software trial that uses my data?

A:   Yes. We offer two options to test GainSeeker software with your data. Simply complete the Demo form at the bottom of the page or contact a member of sales team to assist you in determining the best approach for your needs. 

Q: Who much does it cost?

A:  SPC software pricing