Why did we develop the GainSeeker Platform Library?

The purpose of the GainSeeker® Platform Library is to enable our clients to get more value from their investment in GainSeeker Suite.

GainSeeker Suite’s roots are deep in manufacturing Statistical Process Control (SPC). We were founded in the early 1980s when manufacturing in our country (the United States) was just waking up to the compelling news that quality mattered. W. Edwards Deming was still alive, and he re-imported an American invention (Statistical Process Control) from his work with Japan manufacturing.

Our founder, Paul Hertzler, came to the quality industry from an Information Systems background. From our founding we believed quality data was an important corporate asset, as valuable as financial information or innovation.

So GainSeeker was always “more than your grampa’s SPC software.” This shows in it’s deep roots in database technology and natural integration to other information systems.

This graphic illustrates how GainSeeker Suite serves as a platform for delivering business value to our clients: