How is the GainSeeker Platform Library Structured?

The GainSeeker Platform Library is a collection of Use Case Kits that describe various ways GainSeeker clients use GainSeeker Suite. Each Kit describes how GainSeeker may be applied to solve a specific problem (or application area).

Some of the application areas include:

  • Audit and compliance
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Defect Management
  • Overfill and Package Weight Control
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

You can see a current list of available kits on the GPL Home Page.

Three levels of documentation

GainSeeker Platform Library Structure-Your Situation is a Subset of the Application Area

Your Situation is a Subset of the Application Area

Each Application Area is a broad topic that includes all the ways individuals and organizations might implement solutions in that area. The top page in each kit introduces the application area. In about 500 words it defines the broad scope of the topic including relevant boundaries and key terms. Every kit in the GPL has this top level page.

Inevitably, any organization’s implementation of a solution in any application area is a subset of the universe of possible issues and solutions. This can be represented by a simple Venn diagram. Most of the kits in the GPL have this second level of documentation. It includes design considerations and questions that clarify and define the needs of your specific situation.

The difference between the Application Area and Your Solution can be easily seen in the illustration on the right.

The GPL Kit is a subset of the Application Area and Your Solution.

The GPL Kit is a subset of the Application Area and Your Solution.

Kits in the GPL do not try to “be all things to all people.” They illustrate one possible solution to a specific problem. They provide a subset of the total solution, as illustrated in this diagram.

Ideally the solution overlaps with your specific situation enough that you can modify and implement a solution that fits your specific needs.

The third level of documentation in the GPL is the most detailed. These third level pages are designed to give you knowledge you need in order to configure a solution that meets your needs. These pages may include sample data sets, videos, workbooks, and other materials that help you implement the kit.

Kits in the GPL illustrate one solution

In order to make it easier to identify which level of documentation you’re reading at any time, each page in the GPL has a symbol associated with it. Think of this as a kind of “You are Here” marker on any map.

I am the target text.

Level Symbol Description
1 The Level 1 document provides a high level description of the application area. It is an overview of the ideas that individuals and organizations consider when they implement solutions in that area.

For example, in the Audit and Compliance application area organizations have to consider what they’re going to audit (5S, ESD, Safety and so forth). They also have to consider governance issues including the frequency of audits, who conducts the audits, who ensures the audits are done properly, and so forth.

Level 1 document is typically named: “Introducing the Kit Name”. An example of this is Introducing the Audit & Compliance Kit.

2 Level 2 documents look at the questions and design considerations that clarify your specific needs and applications. This is always a subset of the overall application area.

For example, in the Audit & Compliance Kit users have to assess their current situation, and consider what they already have in place. They need to think through the key questions about their needs so they can implement a successful solution.

Level 2 documents are typically called “Evaluating your Kit Name”. An example of a Level 2 document is Evaluating your Audit & Compliance System.

3 Level 3 documents provide detailed descriptions of the GainSeeker Use Case Kit. This is always a subset of the overall application area that overlaps with the subset of your application area.

Level 3 documents are typically named:

  • Understanding the GainSeeker Kit for Kit Name
  • Using the GainSeeker Kit for Kit Name
  • Watch videos about the Kit Name

Examples of Level 3 documents include:

Kits in the GPL are “under construction”

We’re continually developing and enhancing the kits that make up the GainSeeker Platform Library. Not all kits are completed to the same depth. Some have only an introductory page with foundational information available. Others are quite comprehensive. Eventually we want all of the kits to have the same depth of useful information.

Please give us feedback about the kits you find most useful, and the ones you’d like to see more information about.