Integration: Foods and Packaging


Foods and Packaging is typically concerned with managing material cost and food safety.

Integrating to existing business systems and shop floor equipment increases the value of weight data collected by the system, and at the same time reduces the cost of the data.

System design considerations

Begin with the end in mind:

  • Operators conduct hourly weight and metal detector checks. GainSeeker prompts operators when checks are due.
  • Operator use bar code reader to scan job.
  • GainSeeker looks up job information from ERP system and fills in traceability information.
  • Operator completes test, and is immediately presented with alerts if the system detects a problem.
  • At the end of the shift, supervisors run a report to review the actual dollars of product given away during the shift. They can drill into the report to identify the product, line, operator, and related information. This gives them the ability to address problems immediately.

Typical integration points in a Foods and Packaging application include:

  • Automatic data collection from in-line check weigh systems
  • Direct acquisition of stationary digital weigh scales
  • Interface to metal detection equipment
  • Extraction of material costs, job (work order) information, and production volumes

Typical system outputs include:

  • Real-time operator feedback in the form of
    • Run charts
    • Alerts
    • Prompts for overdue checks
  • End of shift or end of job report summarizing cost of product give away
  • Analytical tools to prioritize opportunities for cost improvement
GainSeeker Suite Integration Use Case: Foods Packaging

GainSeeker Suite Integration Use Case: Foods Packaging