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GainSeeker is typically deployed as a key component of an organization’s overall information infrastructure. In this role, GainSeeker’s integration capabilities means it “plays well with others” in the infrastructure by collecting inputs from some systems, and providing outputs to others.

Typical systems of GainSeeker integrates with include:

  • Preexisting quality data collection operations such as digital gages, weigh scales, and devices with digital output
  • Plant Operations data from OPC and MTConnect systems
  • ERP systems such as SAP and JDE
  • MES systems such as Dassault and Oracle Manufacturing
  • SharePoint
  • Time and attendance systems
  • Document management systems
  • Quality Management Systems such as EtQ Reliance
  • Web pages
  • Text files
  • CMM and vision equipment such as Keyence, Renishaw, Mitutoyo, and Zeiss.

GainSeeker Suite includes several tools for integrating to other systems, including:

  • Built-in data collection interfaces for many operator-controlled digital equipment (gages, weigh scales, and so on)
  • Custom Python scripting by users or Hertzler technicians
  • Database-level integration

System design considerations

The effort required to integrate to these systems depends primarily on the complexity of the interface points. Good planning makes it easier.

The best tool for planning is the Input > Output Diagram.

Typical Input>Output Diagram

Typical Input>Output Diagram

Begin with the end in mind by asking:

  • What are the desired outputs from this system?
  • What knowledge do we need to make the decisions?
  • What dashboards, summary statistics, charts, predictions do we need?
  • What information can we use to make connections across various data silos? (eg: Work Order or Serial Number

Mock these up with sketches, lists, printed examples from test environments.

Then identify the inputs that are currently available. Be as granular as possible. For example, you might include a sample query or stored database procedure that extracts critical traceability information from your scheduling system. Or it might be as simple as a list of digital gages at a specific inspection station.

With the inputs and outputs identified, you can describe the transformations required to convert the Input to the desired Output.

Typical system designs

Here are a handful of typical system designs: