Introducing the Audit & Compliance Kit

GPL Application Area The GainSeeker Platform Library (GPL) Audit & Compliance Kit facilitates proactive audit and compliance management.

Here is a typical use case for the GainSeeker Platform Library (GPL) Audit & Compliance Kit:

A manufacturing plant is audited by the local fire authority. The audit results in a handful of findings, issued as warnings, about non-compliance with obstruction of exits and other fire hazards. The plant manager takes the findings seriously and issues memos and edicts to address the problem. He establishes a regular audit process, with an individual (an internal auditor) assigned to audit the plant for fire safety. Results are collected in a three ring binder, and reviewed monthly. Two years later, the plant manager has been promoted to a new plant, and the internal auditor has left the company. The memos, edicts, and three-ring binder have been forgotten, and old habits have returned. Fortunately, there are no fire incidents or injuries, but the local fire authority returns for another inspection, and this time levies stiff fines.

The GPL Audit & Compliance Kit makes it easy to set up simple audit processes to ensure that routine work is performed on time and accurately. Key advantages of digitizing audit and compliance data in GainSeeker Suite are:

  • Storing data in GainSeeker puts all the data in a single place and therefore more accessible to all stakeholders.
  • Dashboards make the data more visible and actionable.
  • Automated alerts can notify key managers if checks are not completed in a timely manner.
  • Escalating alerts can be implemented to ensure that processes are maintained even when staff turns over and collective memory is most at risk.
  • Performance over time is easier to monitor so that training opportunities are easier to address.
  • Processes can be set up to ensure follow-up is completed and documented in the event corrective action is required.

Typical applications for the GPL Audit and Compliance Kit include tracking compliance for:

  • 5S (Lean)
  • ESD (Electro Static Discharge)
  • Industrial Safety
  • FOD (Foreign Object Damage)
  • Food Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • EPA / Environmental Compliance

The GPL Audit and Compliance Kit is not intended as a comprehensive, business-wide compliance tracking solution for managing ISO certification, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA compliance, or other major corporate compliance obligation. If you are subject to those kinds of regulations, you will probably be better served by a system designed specifically to address those regulations. (This is not to say that one couldn’t use GainSeeker to track compliance to one of these standards. GainSeeker, however, is not optimized for implementing those standards and makes no claim to guide users in successfully attaining compliance.)