Introducing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Kit

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Kit (OEE Kit)

GPL Application Area Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a comprehensive and powerful technique for evaluating manufacturing performance. Although Overall Equipment Effectiveness doesn’t directly measure financial measure, it is a strong predictor of financial performance. And using GainSeeker Suite to deploy OEE provides manufacturing leaders with easy-to-use diagnostic and predictive analytic tools to drive business results.

The classic, textbook definition of OEE includes three components:

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Quality

These three measures are multiplied together to get a value Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Details about how these four values are calculated can be found on our Overall Equipment Effectiveness page.  This page also has more information about the potential benefits of using OEE metrics, along with some potential pitfalls.

What is the GainSeeker Platform Library OEE Kit?

The GainSeeker Platform Library OEE Kit compiles and synthesizes Hertzler’s many years of experience working with clients to improve manufacturing performance. The kit is collection of web pages, videos and a sample data set.

The sample data set includes GainSeeker inspections, desktops, and dashboards to illustrate these concepts. This sample data set serves as a starting point for a custom-configured deployment of GainSeeker Suite OEE.

Focus on the OEE metrics that matter

In practice, many manufacturers focus first on the metrics that are most meaningful to their situation. For example, some businesses focus primarily on Availability (Machine Up Time/DownTime). This may be because it is the metric that drives their business performance. Or it may be because limited human resources require that they implement one aspect of OEE at a time, and they decide to focus first on the metric that will have the most immediate impact on their business,

Users can set up GainSeeker Suite to calculate any or all of the component metrics. If all three are present, GainSeeker rolls them all up into the OEE metric.

Roll up to drill down

GainSeeker Suite makes it possible to roll up data from across production assets, lines, and even plants in your supply chain. With this data in hand, you can compare performance across assets, lines and facilities.

You can also drill down to the critical inputs such as operators, tooling, suppliers, material lots, and so forth. This empowers your team with powerful diagnostic tools for getting to root cause of performance problems. And thanks to GainSeeker’s roots in statistical process control, you have access to comprehensive predictive tools for anticipating and circumventing problems before they become major issues.

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