Using the GainSeeker Kit for Audit & Compliance


GPL GainSeeker SolutionThis page describes the sample data set provided to support the GainSeeker Audit & Compliance Kit.

This sample data set is provided to you without warranty. All sample data sets provided in the GainSeeker Platform Library are designed as a framework on which you can build your own customized solution. Rather than starting from scratch, these data sets make it possible to start with a few key elements that you can edit, copy, paste and enhance in order to configure GainSeeker to meet your unique needs. The Audit Kit Sample Data Set implements the design criteria outlined in the Understanding the GainSeeker Kit for Audit Compliance page.

Your HertzlerNet Support contract includes help in downloading and installing the Sample Data set. If you would like help configuring the Audit Kit for your organization, contact your Sales Representative to discuss your needs.

What’s in the data set?

The Audit Kit Sample Data Set includes:

  • Sample data including GainSeeker Processes, Defects, and a few completed inspections.
  • Sample audit checklists in paper form. These are examples of the type of paper form the GainSeeker Inspections are replacing. (view)
  • Sample Inspections (view)
  • Sample dashboards (view)
  • Supporting Pareto charts and desktops (view)
  • Supporting filters
  • Training videos that explain how it all fits together.

Installing the sample data set

Download the sample data set by completing this form. It will take you to a page where you can download the sample data set.

Audit Kit sample data set features

The Audit Kit sample data set includes a number of features. These are:

  • Data collection
  • Status of assessments
  • View and Resolve issues
  • Analyze problems

Data collection

Data collection can be launched from PC Collect, or from the Run Assessment button on the Audit Dashboard.

The Inspection walks users through their inspection process. Users select appropriate responses to various questions. They may also record comments about each step.

Typical Audit Kit Inspection Form

Typical Audit Kit Inspection Form

Status of assessments

The Audit Kit Dashboard lets users see at a glance if audits are being done in a timely manner. Buttons are set to Green or Red, to indicate whether audits have been completed in the required time schedule.

Sample Audit Kit Dashboard

Sample Audit Kit Dashboard Red indicates an audit is late. Green indicates the audit was completed. Yellow indicates that issues were identified.

This example is for one department (Production), for Monthly Audits. This can be modified to show other departments and other types of audits (ie. Safety) and other time periods (Daily, Weekly, and so forth).

View and Resolve issues

For some users, ensuring compliance to your audit timetable is sufficient. Other users need the ability to track that any open issues or findings that were identified in the audit are successfully resolved. GainSeeker provides some simple tools and techniques for ensuring that your team closes all open issues in a timely manner.

The Audit Kit dedicates a traceability field in the detail record to Status. Whenever a compliance issue is recorded during the inspection, the GainSeeker Inspection sets this Status field to UNRESOLVED.

The Production Dashboard includes buttons to View and Resolve Issues. When you select one of these buttons, GainSeeker loads a desktop with the appropriate records filtered and displayed.

Desktop of Unresolved Issues

Desktop of Unresolved Issues

To resolve an issue, double-click on the issue. Record notes in the event field. Then change the Status field to Resolved and save the record. You’ll return to the Desktop of Unresolved Issues. Refresh the desktop (use F5). The issue will no longer be displayed on the Desktop.

Analyze problems

Click on the Pareto of [n] Issues button on the Audit Dashboard. This will open a Pareto Desktop.

Analyze Audit Data using Pareto Charts and other Charts

Analyze Audit Data using Pareto Charts and other Charts

From this chart, the full compliment of GainSeeker analysis tools are available for your use. Right-click to drill into any Pareto bar to dive deeper into which question is failing the most audits. You can also look at time axis charts to see trends, or group data by other criteria.