Using the GainSeeker Kit for OEE


GPL Application Area This page describes the sample data set provided to support the GainSeeker OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Kit.

This sample data set is provided to you without warranty. All sample data sets provided in the GainSeeker Platform Library are designed as a framework on which you can build your own customized solution. Rather than starting from scratch, these data sets make it possible to start with a few key elements that you can edit, copy, paste and enhance in order to configure GainSeeker to meet your unique needs. The Audit Kit Sample Data Set implements the design criteria outlined in the Understanding the GainSeeker Kit for OEE page.

Your HertzlerNet Support contract includes help in downloading and installing the Sample Data set. If you would like help configuring the OEE Kit for your organization, contact your Sales Representative to discuss your needs.

What’s in the data set?

The OEE Kit Sample Data Set includes:

  • Sample data including GainSeeker processes, defects, downtime reasons, and several weeks of data history for a demonstration company.
  • Sample Inspections for entering OEE data using a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Sample dashboards and desktops.
  • Supporting filters
  • Training videos that explain how it all fits together.

Installing the sample data set

Download the sample data set by completing this form. It will take you to a page where you can download the sample data set.

OEE Kit sample data set features

The OEE Kit sample data set includes a number of features. These are:

  • Data collection
  • Using OEE Analytics to diagnose and address root cause of performance problems

Data Collection

The OEE Kit comes with two Inspections. These can be launched from PC Collect. The Inspections walk users through a manual process for collecting OEE data. They assume:

  • All data is accessible to the user, and can be entered in a single session.
  • Al data is entered manually.

When you launch PC Collect, select an Inspection based on your plant. For this demonstration, the Inspections are identical except for the name. The Inspection automatically tags the data with Plant Name, based on which Inspection you launch.

Enter Shift, Workcenter, and Operator ID.

GPL OEE Kit Data Entry Inspection Form

GPL OEE Kit Data Entry Inspection Form

At the next step, you enter Availability information and any downtime reasons. The system defaults to 720 minutes (12 hour shifts, no planned downtime). Adjust this if necessary.

Then for each minute of downtime, select the reason by clicking on one of the Downtime Reason buttons. If you have more than a few minutes for any of the reasons, you can also click on the number in the button and type the number of minutes.

The Inspection will automatically add up the number of minutes for all reasons and automatically calculate the Available time (Scheduled time minus downtime minutes).

GPL OEE Kit Data Entry Inspection - Availability

GPL OEE Kit Data Entry Inspection Form – Availability

Click Submit to move to the next step.

Enter the total parts produced during the shift, including defective parts. Click Submit to identify any defects created at the work center.

When you click submit again, the system will store all the OEE data you have entered in the previous steps.

Using OEE Analytics to diagnose and address root cause of performance problems

You can approach the OEE Sample Data Set for Analytics from a number of directions.

One approach is a high level view across a single plant. The SprFld Plant OEE – Today Desktop provides this perspective. It presents two dashboards (one for each work center) and summarizes the current performance on these assets. To view this desktop, launch GainSeeker Charts and select the SprFld Plant OEE – Today desktop:

GPL OEE Kit Plant OEE Destop

GPL OEE Kit Plant OEE Destop

The buttons at the bottom of each window (Downtime Minutes and Defect Count) are clickable. They open related charts. With a single click you can drill into downtime reasons and quality defects.

Another approach is a top level view across the supply chain. Open the OEE Combined – All Plants All Dates desktop to see this view:

GPL OEE Kit All Plants Combined OEE Chart

GPL OEE Kit All Plants Combined OEE Chart

This Desktop uses a standard Combined OEE Chart across all dates. It selects the OEE Process and sets the “Group Data for OEE Chart by” setting to = “Plant”. Once you have this desktop displayed, you can drill into it in a variety of ways. For some ideas how this can work, watch the video Introduction to OEE Analytics.