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GainSeeker is our comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing, managing, and taking action from your manufacturing data. It has become the first choice in software for statistical process control.

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Our Goal

To help you become wildly successful in meeting yours. We’re going to help you turn your biggest challenges into your greatest opportunities.

We’ve partnered with others in your industry or something close to it. In more than 30 years, there aren’t too many challenges we haven’t seen.


• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Foods
• Machining
• Medical
• Packaging
• Electronics
• Plastics
• Sporting Goods
• Industrial Equipment
• Financial services
• Health Care
• Industrial Chemicals
• Defense
• Ceramics

Not seeing your industry? We are sure we can help.

Here is what a regional director of quality had to say.

“I’ve purchased and implemented the GainSeeker SPC at three different organizations many times across multiple facilities. You may ask why I keep coming back. The answer is great service, a great product for a fair price. There has been no reason to go anywhere else. Most of the time I fired other software companies and brought in GainSeeker to solve our problems and save money, not to mention eliminate headaches with system breakdowns.”

– Brian Csikos
Regional Director of Quality, Dura Automotive

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