Logging in to a GainSeeker Module

After launching one of the GainSeeker modules, you will be prompted to log in. (For instructions on logging in to WebViz, click here.)

  1. Click the User or group name list and select your user or group name.

    When the list of users is displayed, you can begin typing to move to the first name that matches the characters you have typed.

  2. If a password has been set up for the user or group name you selected, click in the Password box and type your password. Otherwise, leave the Password box blank.

    Tip: After selecting the User or group name, if a password is required, you can easily move to the Password box by pressing the Tab key or by pressing the Enter key twice.

    If you enter the wrong password three times in a row, the GainSeeker module will automatically shut down and a record will be added to the audit trail.

  3. Click Login or press the Enter key to log in.

In most GainSeeker modules, when you are already logged in to the module as one user, you can then log in as a different user by clicking the File menu and then clicking Login.

In most GainSeeker modules, you can view a list of users who are currently logged in by clicking the Active button.

When you install GainSeeker for the first time, GainSeeker will create an SPC MANAGER user with full access to every module and function in the system (except the password reset utility). You may use this name to log in to the GainSeeker suite. If you installed the Tour Data, you may also have TOUR users that are assigned to other Configurations.

Note: To protect your system from unauthorized use, you should immediately set a password for the SPC Manager user, as well as any TOUR users with full rights. For instructions, see Changing the settings for a User.

After you become more familiar with the system, you may prefer to have a particular user or group name selected when you start a GainSeeker module. For options and instructions, see Automatically selecting the login name.