Selecting DPU Charts

A DPU (Defects Per Unit) chart groups data by a selected time period and plots these groups as single data points representing successive time intervals. You can choose to group data by one of many available time increments including Day/Shift, which groups data separately for each shift in a 24-hour day.


The Charts tab of the DMS Charts dialog has four options for DPU chart types

If you have set options for OEE retrievals for a configuration, the caption for the DMS Charts dialog OEE/DMS Charts dialog.


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DPU Chart options and settings

An example of a DPU Yield Chart follows in which grouped data is plotted by weeks.

DPU Chart types

DPU Charts

What information it contains

DPU Chart

Displays defect levels of processes over a selected time interval using a chart format.

Yield Chart

Displays yield levels of your processes over time and shows how the percentage of good units changes over time.

Cost Chart

Displays the cost of defects or defective units over time. Costs are calculated based on cost per standard, cost per defect, or cost per sample (in traceability).

Detail Table

Displays data and traceability information for any given point by a selected time interval using a table format.

  • You can add or change the statistics for columns on a DPU Detail table. For more information, see DPU detail columns =

DPU chart settings

One-click to display value feature

Displaying Goal Yield and Acceptable Yield

On a DPU Chart or a DPU Yield chart for a DMS standard that has a Goal Yield and/or Acceptable Yield set, you can display either or both of those values on the chart.

You can also set the colors and abbreviations for these lines.

Showing the data records behind the chart