SPC standards

A standard defines one characteristic of the part number, item or process that you are studying. This definition stores the main information you need for the part number and characteristic – including the subgroup size, the upper and lower specification limits, and the number of decimal places to display.

You must create a standard for each characteristic of a part before you can enter data and generate charts and reports on those characteristics.

For example, if you measure these three characteristics on part number D-34KW:

then you need to create three standards for this part number:

Many companies refer to the products they manufacture as “parts” and assign “part numbers” to distinguish one kind of product from another. However, this is not universal. If your company uses a different term for its products - "SKU", "Product code", etc. - you may change the way GainSeeker labels your products. For simplicity, this manual will refer to the “part number” as the manufactured product.

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