SPC Software Dashboard Features

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The GainSeeker® SPC software dashboard controls have been updated in version 8.2 with new functionality and a new look including interactive buttons, scrolling marquees, new skins for dial gages, and an improved design interface. In fact, you can choose from more than a dozen dashboard control types and add as few or many to a single dashboard as you want.

Interactive interface for powerful dashboard analytics.

Buttons can be added to Dashboards to display various statistics, last time of checks, and more. Not only can this information be displayed, but the button can also be configured to change color as an alert for out-of-range statistics. For example, a button can be configured to display the time of the last sampling.

If a sample has not been taken in the last hour, the button can change to red to alert the user that they need to sample again.

Interactive Buttons

A sample of new button features available in Dashboards

Launch processes, like data entry, from your dashboard.

In addition to displaying statistics and changing color, the buttons can be configured to launch various processes. In the example above, the button could launch a data collection template for that particular part.

Eye-catching. Smart. To make your life, well, easier.

Another new feature for Dashboards is the scrolling marquee. In a Dashboard, a scrolling marquee can display information about various standards and processes throughout a plant. The statistics can refresh on a schedule, and at a glance pertinent information can be viewed. The marquee immediately catches the eye to spotlight important information.

Options to put you ahead in the game.

Dial and bar gages have an updated look and more options. Each design is configurable for limits and projected production. Choose between six different skins for the dial gages and six others for bar gages.

Scrolling marquee on a Dashboard

Scrolling marquee on a Dashboard

A sampling of the new skins available for dials and gages

Flexible to the way you work.

The design interface for the dashboards provides more flexibility. Lay out the dashboard, choose from 13 dashboard controls in the toolbar, easily drag them onto the dashboard, and then tweak the settings to make them display exactly the desired information.

  • Date time – Item to display timestamps
  • Static Text – Item used to display text
  • Dynamic Text – Item used to display text from data
  • Marquee – Scrolls data across
  • Image – Attach an image
  • HTML – Attach a webpage
  • Dashboard Grid – Grid of SPC and DMS data and statistics
  • Statistics List – List of stats for SPC or DMS data
  • Data Table – Table of data
  • Chart – SPC or DMS Charts
  • Dial Gage – SPC or DMS gage
  • Bar Gage – SPC or DMS bar gage
  • Button – Clickable item

Available Dashboard controls in the new Charts module

Available Dashboard controls in the new Charts module

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