Overpack Wizard

The GainSeeker® Suite Overpack Wizard will tell you how much can be saved by reducing raw materials. The example below is from a food company whose products need to meet the stated package label weight. However, it can be used to identify any raw material savings.

How It Works

Follow these three steps while using the histogram chart within GainSeeker® Suite to display data.

Step 1 – Collect real-time data and stabilize the manufacturing process.

Step 2 – Review the data and address underlying causes of variation. GainSeeker® Suite users can use the Variation Wizard.

Step 3 – From the histogram chart, open the Overpack Wizard and enter the Target, Cost per unit, Minimum allowable variation, units per month and the Sigma safety factor. This will show you the potential savings you could achieve by moving the mean closer to the label weight.