Multi-plant Packaging Company Drives Revenue Improvement by Boosting Line Speeds 15-20% Over Name Plate Capacity

GainSeeker has had a profound impact on the business, enabling increased responsiveness and better customer service. That, in turn has impacted productivity. “We’re running 15-20% above name plate capacity from the equipment manufacturers,” the manager explained. “This is due to the fact that we can better understand our product and our processes. Without that better understanding there is no way we could have increased our line speeds.”

For this business, plant capacity acts as a governor on revenue, so an increase in line speed translates into increased plant capacity, and increased revenue.

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Snack Chips Aren’t Cheap

GainSeeker Score Cards for each worker at the end of each shift increased accountability and visibility at this snack chip manufacturing company. The company realized a Return on Investment in well under year. It’s an investment that will continue to produce savings for years to come.

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SPC Software: A sensible investment (Full version)

Calculating a credible ROI in any industry can be a daunting task. Real-time alarms and automated data collection advanced multiple efforts for one Lean Six Sigma-driven quality manager of a consumer goods packaging company. It was an investment that in the end, just made sense.

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GainSeeker® Suite turns art into science at baking company (Short version)

Consolidated Biscuit Company (CBC), which produces and packages a combined 100 million cookies and snack products daily at one plant, found a safe method for reducing the amount of product they were giving away in their packaging processes. CBC realized substantial savings and a complete ROI on GainSeeker software, which helped to substantially reduce their overpack.

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