Hertzler Systems’ Process for Rapid Client Success

The solution to your business problem requires more than software technology. Every company that uses GainSeeker Suite has different kinds of data, different types of inspection plans, and different priorities. You get more value when the technology is configured to meet your unique situation. The question becomes how fast can you realize the value from GainSeeker Suite? This points to the importance of closely aligning Hertzler Systems to our clients.

Hertzler Systems offers a full range of training, integration, configuration, and support services to help our clients get value from their software investment as soon as possible. The better we align these services with your needs, the faster you realize the value of your investment.


The Planning Phase begins very early in our relationship with you, and typically includes:

  • Assessment
  • Demonstration
  • Situation and Impact
  • Requirements gathering
  • Project details
  • Proof of concept / pilot

Before you even make the decision to use GainSeeker, the Hertzler team has already been thinking about how we can make you successful. We begin our Planning Phase in our first conversations with you. Our assessment questions begin exploring the two most important aspects of your needs:

“The help desk has been great to work with and I give them a A+. Also when we come up with new ideas they go all out to see if they can help you meet our needs or try to put them into a new upgrade. Again I am the system admin for the whole corporation and I really like what I do.”

– Gary Sniadach,
IT Technician Quality Sys Analysis and Report,
Dart Container

  • What are the technical challenges we need solve in order to be successful?
  • How will GainSeeker Suite add value to your business?

These conversations lead to one or more product demonstrations to show you in concrete terms how we’ll address the specifics of your situation. We’ll pull in appropriate technical resources as needed to make sure we answer all of your (and our) questions.

As we move deeper into understanding your current situation and the impact on your business, we’ll identify the key strategies to make a positive improvement on your situation. We’ll gather requirements and iron out the details of your project with you. This is often an iterative process that takes us deeper and deeper into your situation. Sometimes this takes us to a proof of concept installation.


The Deployment Phase starts once you’ve chosen GainSeeker Suite. It typically includes:

  • Preparation work
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • Debriefing
  • Support

“Nothing we asked of Hertzler Support seemed like too much trouble.
Hertzler Support is simply the best.”

– Jeremy Stanners,
Test Data Acquisition Engineer,
Hella New Zealand Ltd

Once you’ve chosen GainSeeker Suite, we work with you to make sure all the preparation work is done prior to kicking off the project. The actual deployment typically includes some on-site services when we’re connecting to equipment on the factory floor, or integrating to software systems behind the corporate firewall. Often, over time, we shift to a combination of on-site and virtual services.

Training is an important part of the deployment cycle. Depending on your needs, we “train the trainer” or train end users. Our team will help you select the training modules that meet your needs so that we empower your people to do their jobs without depending on us.

As we wrap up deployment, we debrief the experience with you so that we continuously improve how we work, and the value you experience from working with us.

At the same time, we’re supporting your team as necessary to ensure you are continuously running smoothly on a daily basis.


While evaluation is really an on-going and iterative process, after the Deployment Phase we enter the Evaluation Phase. Typically, it includes:

  • Value follow-up
  • Plan next steps

We appreciate that you deploy GainSeeker Suite to achieve a business goal. That’s why we check in with you after the initial deployment to assess whether GainSeeker is doing its part to help you meet your business goals.

Hertzler Systems excels at aligning our organization with your needs. You don’t need to take our word. Here are client comments posted on Capterra.com an independent B2B software review site. (For more unedited reviews please visit Capterra.)

“Their customer service is as good as the software. The Technical Support team is always very helpful with little tricks and tips for me when I am unsure of how to do something. I have been using their software for over 20 and started with it back when it was DOS based. It just continues to get better year after year. I have also utilized their on-site support and their training services and they are extremely beneficial. I highly recommend them if you are just getting started into computer based SPC or converting from another SPC program. They can get you up and running quickly and efficiently.”

– Andrew Eller,
Senior Quality Manager,
Reynolds Consumer Products

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