Tech Tips LIVE Webinar

GainSeeker Tech Tips LIVE is a quarterly webinar featuring Chief Technology Officer Byron Shetler and hosted by Technical Project Manager Jen Miklic. Each session Jen and Byron dive into a specific topic with examples, solutions and new ideas you can implement immediately.

Because it is a live webinar, Jen and Byron take your burning questions and give you the inside scoop on solutions.

The next Tech Tips LIVE Webinar:

  • Topic:  Moving from Templates to Inspections
  • When:  July 19, 2018 at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT)
  • Where & How:  Register here using registration code GSTTL
  • More Info:  See the June Tech Tip in the Data Heads blog

Previous Tech Tips LIVE Webinars:

April 2018: Dynamic Desktops and Dashboards

If you already use Desktops in GainSeeker, you will want to watch this webinar about Dynamic Desktops and Dashboards. This new feature will reduce the number of Desktops you need to develop and maintain. Now you can create a Desktop to show whatever Standards ran during a particular time or on a particular machine.

January 2018: Implementing OEE

This webinar addresses topics around Implementing OEE – Planning, Data Collection, and Display.