Thank you. Aberdeen “Lean Six Sigma Benchmark Report”

Thank you for your request for your free copy of the Aberdeen Group’s “Lean Six Sigma Benchmark Report.”

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When you read the report, We’re sure that you will notice that the biggest challenges to Six Sigma deployments are cultural challenges. By itself, that finding isn’t earth-shattering. We’ve talked to enough business leaders to know that cultural transformation is always a huge effort.

Especially interesting to us was the role of technology reported in that transformation. If you look at the responses to the challenges, technology is put near or at the bottom of the list. It is not viewed as an obvious tool for promoting the transformation to a culture of Six Sigma.

However, it has been our experience that technology can be a powerful force for cultural transformation – and this is mirrored in the findings of the Aberdeen report.

We’ve written a brief white paper called “Leveraging Technology to Transform Culture” that examines this phenomenon, and we’d be happy to share it with you. If you’re interested, please send an email to: and we’ll see that you receive a copy.