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As you read the white paper, ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Do I spend as many hours massaging and manipulating as I spend analyzing data?
  • Are there cultural barriers to Six Sigma in my organization?

The first question is a barometer of how much you do the Six Sigma Data Shuffle. Any time scrubbing data for Analysis is time spent on the Shuffle. Unfortunately most people spend two, three or even four hours or more scrubbing data for every hour they spend making sense of the data. The more time you spend, the harder you’re shuffling.

The second question gets at one of the more important impacts of the Shuffle on your organization. If you trying to create a data-driven culture and you don’t have ready access to real-time data, your staff may be a little skeptical of your real commitment to the program for the long haul. Huge cultural shifts can take place fairly quickly once your people see how a little bit of data can drive decisions. You can’t become data driven if you don’t have data!

The data shuffle can and should be eliminated. It wastes your most precious resource (time) and undermines your effort to become a data-driven company.

We hope you enjoy the article.