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“The Role of Real Time Data in Improving Profitability and Customer Satisfaction.”

Did you ever notice that when we’re faced with a whole bunch of problems – sometimes we can find one little lever that makes them all go away?

Real-time data is that kind of powerful little lever for manufacturing.

In our white paper “The role of real-time data…” we describe our methodology of identifying the highest impact behaviors that drive Best-in-Class performance.

When you sort the behaviors by Impact, the top five all center on some application of real-time data.

My customers have been telling me this for years.

I think Royce Binion, Operations Manager for BAE Systems Controls said it best:

“Real-time access to accurate, actionable data is the number one tool that has enabled us to move to a data-driven culture.”

Royce’s plant won the Industry Week Best Plant Award in 2001 and the Shingo Prize in 2005. BAE Systems ‘gets it’ and has long track record to prove it.

Next week we’ll start looking at some of the problems that manufacturers face and how real-time data helps solve them.


Evan J. Miller
Hertzler Systems Inc.

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