Latest Product Releases

GainSeeker® Suite Version 9.1

(Release Date: November 21, 2018)

New Rating test available for Inspection data entry

Collecting and analyzing your Likert scale data has never been easier!

GainSeeker Rating Test for Likert Scale data

The new Rating test makes it easy to:

    • collect data on a scale, starting with a number as low as zero and ending with a number as high as nine.

    • optionally include an “N/A” (Not Applicable) button for occasions when the Rating test does not apply.

    • store the scale data as DMS data, SPC data, or both – or not store this data at all).

    • assign defects to individual buttons.

    • assign colors to individual buttons.

New Python commands for the Rating test are also available.

GainSeeker Emails can now use Microsoft Outlook

A new System‐wide setting – Email send method used – allows the GainSeeker Charts, PC Collect, GSConsole, and Dynamic Reports modules to send email via Microsoft Outlook. This setting also applies to Python scripts that send email.

Database Support added for SQL Server on Linux

You can now install GainSeeker on a SQL Server for Linux database using SQL Server authentication.

For more information, see the topic “Setting up GainSeeker on a SQL Server database” in the GainSeeker Online User Guide.

New Customizable Button for Inspections

The new Python command inspect.messagearea.script converts the Message Area into a button that runs a Python script when clicked.

Python Message Area Button

New Date options available

Many new date options have been added to current modules such as GainSeeker Charts, PC Collect, GSConsole, Dynamic Reports, and System Administration. They include:

    • The ability to change the First day of the week from Sunday to Monday.

      This new configuration setting affects Date Periods such as Current week or Previous week as well as data grouping by week for DPU, OEE, and SPC data.

First day of the week
    • Expansion of the configuration setting for Last ‘n’ hours ending now from a maximum of 23 hours to 1000 hours.

      Unlike the other new date options listed below, this one also applies to legacy modules such as SPC Data Entry, SPC Charts and Reports, DMS Charts and Reports, and Enterprise Dashboard.

    • 11 new Date Periods:

      • Previous Day (with data)
        • This date period searches for the last day where data was found, within the last 10 days, and analyzes the data for just that day.
        • This makes it much easier to analyze Friday’s or Saturday’s data on Monday morning – or configure dashboards and desktops to do this.
      • Previous Sunday, Previous Monday, Previous Tuesday, Previous Wednesday, Previous Thursday, Previous Friday, Previous Saturday
        • This makes it much easier to analyze Friday’s data on Monday morning – or configure dashboards and desktops to do this.
        • This also makes it possible to configure a Dashboard Grid with one column for each day of the week.
      • Previous 2 days
        • This makes it much easier to analyze the weekend’s data on Monday morning – or configure dashboards and desktops to do this.
      • Previous 7 days
        • Unlike Week ending today, this date period analyzes data from the previous seven days (not including today).
      • 6 months ending today
GainSeeker - new 'Previous' date periods

Dynamic Filtering added for columns in the Dashboard Grid

Would you like to make a Dashboard Grid that automatically updates itself to reflect the latest Shift, Part Number, or Lot Number? Now you can!

A new column property, Limit to most recent, lets you choose a data field – traceability, part number or process (DMS) – that will be used to additionally filter the column, based on the most recent value in that field.

Full support for Windows XP has ended

GainSeeker version 8.8.1 (released December 2017) is the last version to be fully supported on the Windows XP operating system.

GainSeeker version 8.9 was released in May 2018 and requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5, which cannot be installed on Windows XP.

Windows XP workstations can continue to run older GainSeeker versions (8.0-8.8.1) even when GainSeeker 8.9 or later is installed on other workstations.