Latest Product Releases

GainSeeker® Suite Version 9.3.2

(Release Date: May 4, 2020)

Localization support for Spanish and French added to PC Collect

The PC Collect module can now display all menus, prompts, windows, etc. in Spanish or French (as well as English). This makes it much easier for data entry users to understand and interact with the PC Collect module for data entry.

The language used by PC Collect can be set by a command line parameter, a language setting for the GainSeeker user, or the language currently being used by Windows. The user can also use the menu to manually change the language.

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Data Canvas helps users visualize data entry for improved accuracy in PC Collect

A sub-inspection with Numeric Input tests for measurement data can now display those tests on the side panel in a Data Canvas. As the user – or a connected device – enters data for these Numeric Input tests, those values are also displayed at the corresponding locations on the Data Canvas.

For a sub-inspection with many Numeric Inputs, this helps the data entry user to quickly understand which measurement is generating real-time alarms and immediately take appropriate steps.

Defect Trend Wizard dashboard control

Dynamic Reports 2

A new version of Dynamic Reports – Dynamic Reports 2 – is easier to work with when designing reports, and it offers new functionality such as data retrievals based on Python scripts and support for GainSeeker custom statistics.

Any existing reports can be automatically imported into the Dynamic Reports 2 platform.

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Major Improvements to Side Panel Charts in PC Collect

  • You can now ensure that Numeric Input tests and their corresponding side panel charts are filtering for the same values when calculating Control Limits for real-time failures.

  • Charts are now drawn more quickly in PC Collect, and we have streamlined how often we update those charts to speed your process of data entry.

  • There is also a new set of Python commands for side panel charts (and other tabs on the side panel) to give you better control of what is displayed on the side panel during inspection data entry.

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Additional Improvements

  • MINITAB 19 is now supported for GainSeeker 9.3 and higher.

  • PC Collect can now read data directly from Solartron Orbit 3 networks.

  • Client installation in Silent Mode has been improved. When installing a new version of GainSeeker on your system, the Table Creation Utility now runs only on the first client.

Full support for Windows XP has ended

GainSeeker version 8.8.1 (released December 2017) is the last version to be fully supported on the Windows XP operating system.

GainSeeker version 8.9 was released in May 2018 and requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5, which cannot be installed on Windows XP.

Windows XP workstations can continue to run older GainSeeker versions (8.0-8.8.1) even when GainSeeker 8.9 or later is installed on other workstations.