Latest Product Releases

GainSeekerĀ® Suite Version 9.2.1

(Release Date: May 17, 2019)

New OEE Time Chart compares groups over time

The OEE Time Chart can display the OEE, Availability, Quality, or Performance of a group (such as Shift, Line, or Machine) at consecutive intervals. The x-axis of this chart is scaled based on the date range retrieved, so you can see if there are gaps in your data and notice any OEE problems that occurred.

This OEE time chart displays OEE calculated hourly, for three machines:

OEE Time Chart

Defect Trend Wizard dashboard control identifies changes in specific defects

The new Defect Trend Wizard dashboard control makes it easy to compare defect levels between two data sets – Baseline and Analysis – to help you detect which defects have exhibited the biggest changes.

For example, you might set up your Baseline and Analysis data sets to compare defects for two different date periods, or perhaps analyze the same date period but different data filters such as Machine or Shift.

Defect Trend Wizard dashboard control

Enhanced Printing

Three enhancements make it easier to print from GainSeeker Charts and PC Collect.

Now when you use the Desktop menu or File menu to Print Desktop, GainSeeker lets you choose options that will arrange up to six chart windows together on each printed page:

Print Desktop

Also – whether you print a single chart or multiple charts together, the functions for Print Setup, Print Preview, and Print are now combined in a single window:

Print Preview

When using a shortcut to open and print desktops, you can now use command line parameters to specify the desired orientation (Landscape or Portrait) and layout (how many charts to combine on one page, like the 4-chart page shown above).

Cloud database now tested and supported

GainSeeker is now tested and supported on the Microsoft Azure SQL database.

Help us find out which features you use by sending Anonymous Statistics

GainSeeker will ask you to opt in to the collection of anonymous usage statistics for GainSeeker, because we can now track more of the GainSeeker features to see which ones our clients actually use. This data will be used in future decisions about which little-used features to phase out and which commonly-used features to enhance in future versions of GainSeeker.

Anonymous Usage Statistics

Full support for Windows XP has ended

GainSeeker version 8.8.1 (released December 2017) is the last version to be fully supported on the Windows XP operating system.

GainSeeker version 8.9 was released in May 2018 and requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5, which cannot be installed on Windows XP.

Windows XP workstations can continue to run older GainSeeker versions (8.0-8.8.1) even when GainSeeker 8.9 or later is installed on other workstations.