Defining the Design of a Dynamic Report


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Launching the Report Designer window

There are several ways to launch the Report Designer window where you will design the report:

Alternately, you may right-click the report you want to design and then click Design Report. Or you can highlight the report you want to design, click the File menu, and then click Design Report.

All of these methods will launch the Report Designer window:

Note: When you use the Dynamic Reports module, the Report Designer window may launch slowly the first time you use it. After this window has been launched once, you can quickly navigate between this window and other windows (the retrieval settings screen, the report viewer, and the Dynamic Reports main screen).

Using the Report Designer window

For a brief introduction to the Report Designer window and information about features not available to GainSeeker, see Introduction to the Report Designer window.

For in-depth documentation of the features in the Report Designer, see Data Dynamics Reports Designer Documentation. To install the Samples and Walkthroughs that are referenced by this documentation, see \Sample Reports\HowTo.txt on the GainSeeker installation CD.

You may also want to try the Tutorial - Certificate of Analysis.

After defining the design of the report

After defining the report design, you can change the retrieval settings or view the report.