Work with Retrievals in Dynamic Reports 2


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What is a Retrieval?

A retrieval is a collection of settings that define what data is retrieved, set statistical options, and identify what raw data and statistics should be provided to the report.

One report can contain one retrieval or several retrievals, depending on your needs.

Dynamic Reports 2 uses six types of retrievals. The greatest difference between the retrieval types is the method of retrieving data to analyze on the report.

Retrieval type Data retrieval method

SPC Retrieval
DMS Retrieval

Select the SPC or DMS data to retrieve from the GainSeeker database

Scripted SPC Retrieval
Scripted DMS Retrieval

Use a custom Python script to read data from virtually any source

Advanced SPC Retrieval
Advanced DMS Retrieval

Use a custom SQL query to read data from the GainSeeker database

It is recommended that any new SQL query-based retrievals be developed as Scripted retrievals, and that Advanced retrievals only be used to maintain imported Legacy reports..

Getting started with Retrievals

To begin working with Retrievals, you can use one of the following methods:

This will display the Manage Retrievals window.

All six retrieval types are listed here, and the Type column displays the retrieval type for each one.

You can use this window to create, copy, edit, export, or import a retrieval.

To list any reports that already use a retrieval. select that retrieval and then click the Used By button

Creating or Editing a Retrieval

You will use the Manage Retrievals window (above) to create or edit a retrieval.

Settings for a Retrieval

The tabs shown on the Retrieval Settings window will vary based on the type of retrieval you are creating or editing:

Retrieval type

tabs on Retrieval Settings window

SPC Retrieval
DMS Retrieval

Part Number, Statistics, Columns, Settings, Charts

Scripted SPC Retrieval
Scripted DMS Retrieval

Script, Statistics, Columns, Settings, Charts, Preview

Advanced SPC Retrieval
Advanced DMS Retrieval

SQL, Statistics, Preview

Selecting the Retrievals and Saving Changes

There are two ways to begin selecting the Retrievals for a report:

On the Retrievals for Report window, you can: