The GainSeeker Suite Platform for Manufacturing Intelligence

GainSeeker Platform

Tripping over data while trying to make critical, timely decisions?

GainSeeker Suite is the Manufacturing Intelligence Platform that makes data more actionable. Read more…

GainSeeker Integration and Data Collection

Save time and money by tapping into the data you already own.

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GainSeeker Analytics

Stop being mislead By data taken out of context. Adjust suppliers and processing to minimize cost while maximizing quality.

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GainSeeker Visualization

Make timely decisions based on visible, actionable data.

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Project Success Stories

Project Success Stories

“Easy to deploy. Easy to navigate. Friendly to the eyes for Technicians to use. Quick to view a report. Strong analysis capabilities.”

– Quality Systems Engineer, Closures Company

Read client reviews on Capterra or SourceForge, third-party review sites.

“It’s been a fantastic partnership with Hertzler. The GainSeeker suite has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in efficiency gains. It has enabled data driven decisions that have paid off on the bottom line. ”

– Continuous Improvement Manager, Foods Company

“Reliable, efficient, easy-to-use program with easy report generation. Has paid for itself many times over.”

– Operations Manager, McCormick Foods

How Do We Compare?

Compare our GainSeeker® Suite platform vs. alternatives based on visualization, analysis, control limits, data entry, real-time capability, database design, architecture, and company support.